Thanking the review work, we request the attention of the reviewers regarding the following indications that may facilitate this task, and equally important in strengthening the editorial projection of e3 and its recognition by the scientific community:

1) Respect for ethical principles in the publication of scientific works;

2) Quality of the manuscript;

 3) Editorial project of e3.

  1. If you suspect plagiarism, fraud or if the submitted materials raise any other ethical doubts, report these issues to the Editors-in-Chiefs or Scientific Council. The use of search engines may allow the detection of undue submission of text or other allegedly unpublished elements, regardless of whether the manuscript review process may include verification by a plagiarism detection tool (similarity check). The Reviewer must, on the other hand, treat the submitted materials (text, figures, tables) and the review materials, as confidential documents, and cannot transfer or share them with anyone without the knowledge and consent of e3 and the Authors.
  2. In assessing the quality of the submitted manuscript, proceed with:
  • filling in the review form;
  • a short synthesis of the manuscript, expressing your impression regarding the interest of the manuscript and its adequacy to the e3; mention whether it encompasses (or not) innovative aspects or results that add knowledge. This general appraisal is particularly useful for the Journal;
  • writing specific suggestions and comments for the Authors. These comments and suggestions must be precise and explicitly indicated (with page, paragraph, line) in relation to corrections, modifications, additions or deletions, in the text or other elements of the manuscript, allowing the authors to easily identify and change them in compliance (minor corrections). If more substantial changes are recommended, justify these suggestions, succinctly pointing out the reasons that motivate this need.
  1. The recognition of the editorial projection of e3 is quantified through bibliometric indicators, whose classification is essential for the maintenance and promotion of the journal in international scientific impact factor assessment indexes.

Ponteditora recognises the importance of the reviewer's contribution to the peer review process. Therefore, we encourage reviewers to register on Publons (by creating a profile on this reviewer recognition platform you can add your verified review records as a measurable scientific output) and ORCID (you can give permission for this platform to automatically extract your revision records to your ORCID profile) to increase your scientific notoriety.