Intrapreneuship and public management: platonic love or possible stable relationship?

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Felipe Leal Alves Ferreira
Fernando Antônio Prado Gimenez
Daniel Leal Valente


This research sought to verify how intrapreneurship is perceived by the management of a Brazilian federal public organization. For that, the referential of themes such as State, Government and Public Administration, as well as Public, Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management were reviewed. Besides, it a qualitative and quantitative field research was conducted, with the application of semi-structured questionnaires to the managers of a federal public educational institution chosen in order to check the existing tools that provide strategic and intrapreneurial management. The analysis of responses was treated by descriptive statistics and content analysis (in the case of open responses). The results found pointed out that the phenomenon of Intrapreneurship is recognized as actions linked to improvements, innovation, change, search for results and achievement of objectives and improvement of the organization is necessary through the development of characteristics such as proactivity, resilience, non-conformity, delivery of results, improvement, networking and professionalization of those occupying management positions and management tools. The main limitation of this research was the low number of questionnaires answered, suggesting, by this way, an effort for greater awareness for an effectiveness return of respondents in the realization of future studies about the theme.


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Leal Alves Ferreira, F., Antônio Prado Gimenez, F., & Leal Valente, D. (2021). Intrapreneuship and public management: platonic love or possible stable relationship?. E3 - Revista De Economia, Empresas E Empreendedores Na CPLP, 7(1), 006–027.