Conditions and Barriers to Entrepreneurship in Brazil

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Daniel da Rosa Eslabão
Fabrizio Bon Vecchio


This article deals with the structural, socio-political, culturaland institutional factors that support entrepreneurial activities in the business area. This study presents briefly the results of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor study (GEM), which will focus on the results obtained in relation to Brazil. Thus, we aim to verify the conditions thataffect the national entrepreneurship of this country. We begin our analysis by presenting the origin and meaning of the act of undertaking, as originally conceived by economics. In a second moment, we expose some current data about the characteristics of the Brazilian entrepreneurship to finally present the results of the study commented GEM-Brazil. We conclude that although Brazil is a country that has evolved in terms of a greater entrepreneurial opportunity as a result of the economic expansion that lived the country in recent years, where entrepreneurship need begins to give way to a business class better prepared and educated; this sector still requires higher investments in education and training, and greater investment to R&D, which would mean the necessary leverage to innovative projects with great potentialfor internationalization, given the new international relations networksestablished in recent decades, in which includes the CPLP.


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da Rosa Eslabão, D., & Bon Vecchio, F. (2018). Conditions and Barriers to Entrepreneurship in Brazil. E3 - Revista De Economia, Empresas E Empreendedores Na CPLP, 2(2), 79–90.